Rhetorical Peculiarities in the chapter of Zakat of Al-Sihah-al-Sithah

  • Hafiz Shafi Ullah Ph. D. Scholar, Department of Arabic, University of Peshawar
  • Syed Mubarak Shah Ex Professor, Department of Arabic, University of Peshawar
Keywords: Rhetoric, Rhetorical Peculiarities, Kitabul Zakath, hadiths, types of hadiths


Rhetoric and Eloquence is the “Miracle of speech” The art of Rhetoric is aimed at the strong persuation and attractive oration.

Like other realms, Religion needs to have prophetic Eloquence to persuade the receivers. The last Holy Prophet Hazrath Muhammad (SAW) had the sense of rhetorical speaking and often used to convince via eloquail strategies.

His Ahadees are regarded as landmarks so far artistic and eloquent speech is concerned.

In this research Article, the researcher has tried to mark out some rhetorical aspects of his impressive oration especially with in the “kitabul Zakat” in al Sihah-al-Sithah. Keeping in view the Arabic classic and modern rhetoric embellishments, various utterances of Rasoolullah (SAW) are scrutinized rhetorically to show its eloquail peculiarity for benefit of Readers, listeners and researchers.