Methodology of Qur’anic Interpretation in Faiḍ al-bārī by Anwar Shah Kashmīrī: A Research Study

  • Muhammad Abdul Razzaq Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, Govt. Municipal Degree College, Faisalabad.
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hammad Lakhvi Dean Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore.
Keywords: Anwar Shah, Kashmiri, Interpretation, Faiḍ al Bārī, Ṣaḥīḥ al-bukhārī, Qur’anic, Verses, Aḥādīth


Allamah Anwar Shah Kashmiri, is one of the famous writer and great scholar of subcontinent. He wrote many books in Islamic Studies and Literature. One of his well-known book Faiḍ al-bārī, which is the interpretation of Ṣaḥīḥ al-bukhārī. It is more significant than his other books which has many features & characteristics, which we are presenting in this research are more valuable and much better then all. He interprets the aḥādīth and Qur’anic verses as well as in brilliant style and realistic approach which made this book more reliable for scholars. In his book he secured a huge attention by scholars of subcontinent because his explanation has many qualities and features i.e. accuracy of meaning, exact meaning of Arabic word, meaning of silent word from text, idiomatic translation, sequence of meaning etc. the said book also has many characteristics and features which highlights it among many other interpretations of ahadith as well as among some interpretations aslo. In this paper, we’ve presented a research on the methodology of his great interpretations along with their features and qualities.