Usage of symbols in the poetry of Fadwa Toqan(Analytical Study)

  • Muhammad Bilal khan باحث درجۃ الدکتوراہ فی قسم اللغۃ العربیۃ بجامعۃ الکلیۃ الحکومیۃ فیصل آباد
  • Dr. Muhammad Saleem Ismail الأستاذ المساعد بقسم اللغۃ العربیۃ،جامعۃ الکلیۃ الحکومیۃ فیصل آباد
Keywords: Arabic, Palestinian, symbols, poetry, experience, terms, society, issues, political


The article entitled:" Usage of symbols in the poetry of Fadwa Toqan (Analytical Study)“aimed to illustrate the most important symbols which the poetess used in her Arabic poetry for Palestinian people. She tried her best to convey the message of Palestinian to all over the world in her very impressive way.  Fadwa Toqan is one of the Arab contemporary literary figures who contributed towards contemporary Arabic literature and occupied her position through hard working and developing her poetic experience in Modern Arabic poetry. She succeeded in her mission, regardless the limitations & habits of her family. She belonged to a noble family. She wrote in Arabic poetry & prose and awarded many national, international prizes. She was born in 1917and died in 2003.

 Fadwa Tokan used symbols to express what was there in her mind, feelings and its reactions with self living in her society. She described symbols in her poetry to enable the people of her nation for freedom .She motivated her nation through symlobs described in her poetry and prose. The symbols made it possible for us to understand contents of her poetry and to benefit from her experience. The poetess used natural items a lot in a semantic symbolic way. The poetess succeeded to make the details of natural elements and life sources of inspiration. This article opens the way for more research and mentions some issues that need more elaboration and investigation such as the study of symbolism in the prose of Fadwa Toqan (i.e. her biography) as well as the study of symbol in poetry of the Palestinian and Arab poets since such studies enrich the Arabic literature and criticism. She addressed her nation through symbolic words,these symbolic words have been described in this article.