An Analysis of Married Life in the Holy Quran

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


In Islam, marriage has been declared as the way of the Prophet peace
be upon him. The Holy Quran has motivated the believer to do nikah /
marriage in various forms. Islam has declared marriage a basic conditions for
a pious society and has termed it an obligation in normal circumstances.
According to Quran, the purpose of marriage is spiritual and ethical piety and
safety. Quran has declared nikah as a hisn which means a (safe) castle. The
objective of a castle is protection and a wife and husband are the protectors of
each others. If the purpose of protection is not attained, the purpose of nikah
can not be attained. There are many verses in the Quran which have expressly
stated the objective of nikah. One of the objectives of nikah is the
establishment of a divine relationship between the spouses. There is the
relationship of love and mercy between them which lasts till the end of their
Islam is a complete code of life which provides guidance for all walks
of life. Like other systems, it has provided a comprehensive code for family life
which is free from imbalance and is in perfect harmony with human nature.
The Islamic system of marriage is organized consisting of rules and
regulations about marriage, khul’a, lia’an etc. This system is the basis of
social collectivity and if it is properly organized, society is usually safe from
moral disturbance and corruption.