Life History Of Meer Anis And His Elegy

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


An elegy is considered to be one of the most significant arts and the
most prominent themes which relates to the phenomenon of death in poetry and
specially in pre Islamic poetry. Human death is an inevitable because it has
engaged the intellectual minds and thoughts of philosophers, literary writers
and poets. Elegy was actually a kind of exorcism and pray for a departed soul
who would get comfort, peace and tranquility in his grave. But later on, this
concept was developed and converted in to weeping, lamenting and mourning
over grief. Beside this, good qualities of the dead person were recalled so all
these concepts were significantly proved to be the definition of elegy.
This article is related to the poet’s life history Meer Anis and his
elegy, who is very famous poet of lamentation in Urdu Poetry and he belongs
to 19th Century. During that era , there were famous poets .One of them was
Meer Anis who added many things and took it to the peak and climax.
Most of the elegies in Urdu poetry initiated from the incident of “KARBALA”
and specified to the martyr of Hazrat Hussain (R.A).
This article is based on the importance of elegy in literature and the
life history of Meer Anees and his poetry .In his elegy, Miraculous description
and appearance of his personality ,thoughts of elegy, “Rajaz”and “Razam”
were discussed.