Istighfaar in the context of Quran.

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


Quran is the book of guidance for humanity. It is full with mercy of Allah and
His compassion towards his creation. In this regard, the word extensively used
is Ghafara غفر which is in fact a symbol of love and forgiveness of Al-mighty
Allah for his worshipers. The word غفر has been used in Quran in maximum
chapters of the Holy Quran, but it doesn’t carry a single meaning all the way
in all of the Quran. Rather it includes and encompasses other meanings of
forgiveness in different contexts which needs scholarly study for elaboration.
This article deals with the use of the word غفرand all its derivatives and their
meanings in the Holy Quran in the light of scholarly views of Ulamaa of
Language and Exegesis. Following the extensive discussion, there are the
results and conclusive points of the article.