The Euthanasia Mercy killing in the Islamic Sharia

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


Patient who is in incurable condition and experts of health are
disappointed from his healing or a child who is birthely disabled and hope is
not present to his treatment for away their intolerable suffering their killing
through medicine or other thing for emancipate they and their kinsfolk from
this tragedy called Euthanasia Mercy killing, it has two types first is by giving
medicine or killing materials active method. Second is avoid and preventing
from treatment passive method.
Above mentioned both are prohibited and unlawful in Holly Islam, if sick is
hopeless from life and permit to a doctor to kill him this is suicidal act and big
sin, and if a doctor without from the permeation of sick conduct this act this
is intentional killing. Holly Quran and Sunnah are appointed severe
punishment to killers.