Metaphor Examples in the Al-Arbaeen Al-Navaviyah

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


There are many books of hadith named as collection of Forty
Important hadith but the Al-Arbaeen Al-Navaviyah النووية األربعين is the one
which has drawn much attention of Ulemas throughout the ages. The book has
got distinction and fame among the circle of Scholars and common people for
its comprehensive content and remarkable expression. Its writer name is
Muhiyuddin yahya bin Sharf. He has been magnificent writer of the 8th
This research paper is about the examples of Metaphor استعارة in
Arbaeen Al-navaviyah. Here we have first of all given a brief introduction of
the writer of Arbaeen Al-Navaviyah after which there is a summary of the
content of the book. Following the literal and idiomatic meaning of Metaphor,
I have explained Metaphor with examples from the book. There are actually
three main types of Metaphor found in the mentioned book, namely:
1. Isti’aara Tasrihiya
2. Isti’aara Makniya
3. Isti’aara Tamsiliya.
All these types are explained with examples taken from the book
Arbaeen Al Navaviyah. In the end there are the primary and secondary
sources of the research.