Fundamentalism, Extremism and Terrorism; an analysis

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


Fundamentalism first emerged in Christianity, as a reaction to the liberal
interpretation of the religion by Protestantism, at renaissance period in
Europe. In 20th century the world saw the resurgence of Islamic world as a
reaction to the colonial liberal ideologies of the west. The term “extremism”
was coined for those who were religious and desired to take religion on the
cost of modernity. A tug of war started between liberal extremists and
religious extremists, which resulted in imposing forcefully, ones ideology on
his counterpart. From the lap of this mutual struggle came out “terrorism” the
most notorious term of the century, destroying most countries of the Muslim
world. This paper is an attempt, to analyze the nature of fundamentalism,
extremism, and terrorism in relation with religion, especially to Islam.
Objective of this research is to ascertain the hegemonic features of the
liberalism to purge the entire humanity according to their values. The work is
qualitative, based on descriptive analytical method; mostly, secondary sources
like books, news papers, research articles and online sources are utilized to
accomplish the work. This research article concludes that the improper
gauging and treatment the nature of the three terms has made the world an
unsafe place for living. The uncertain situation created by these obscured
terminology, if not handled prudently, will ruin the world.