Return of loan and responsibility of Islamic government

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


This paper presents the Islamic views on the return of loan and
responsibility of Islamic government. Also presents different examples of
issuing orders to return loans and to express values of returning loans on time
from Islamic history.
This paper also describes the teaching of the prayers related to
returning of loans. It explains in detail legal steps for returning of loan to
morally stop from nonpayment of loans. This paper discusses steps and
techniques to ensure return of loans and helping out helpless owed. Also the
responsibility of Islamic government and an Islamic society regarding helping
out helpless owed, deceased owed and advising relatives of the deceased owed
to pay back the money to those who owe it. Furthermore, it also considers the
conditions of getting help from Baitul Mal.
This paper analysis the status of the fine imposed on the delay in
paying back the debts and its ruling in Islamic Sharia. At the end discuss the
bank cards and its position in Islamic Sharia.