Educational Services of Women at the Dawn of Islam

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


In the modern world a negative picture of Islam has been projected
regarding women basic rights as education based on Islamic restrictions on
Hijab which is no doubt a loose and perverted message. It is totally the other
way around if the true picture of Islam is looked into with an unbiased and
unprejudiced mind. Islam has granted an honorable status to woman in every
field of life. As man, woman has also been included in the commandment of
Quran even if masculine format of the word is used, which reflects equal
importance of woman in the Islamic perspectives. Thus the prophetic sayings
about getting education do not single out men to get knowledge and leave
behind women uneducated. This is the reason we find in our history a huge
list of women who made miracles in education and enlightened the Ummah
with their rich thoughts. Their valuable contribution is an everlasting candle
of knowledge for humanity.
This article deals with such several Muslim women at the dawn of
Islam who devoted their lives to education and made wonders in it. The article
will thus prove that women always have as equal contribution as men when it
comes to knowledge and education and that Islam has not been and can never
be a hindrance in all that adds to the advancement and progress of Muslim
society. The article is divided into the following points:
1) Importance of Woman Education in Islam
2) Education of Ummahat Ul Mu’mineen
3) Education of wives of Sahaba R.A
4) Conclusion and Suggestions
Key words: Women, Education, Services, Dawn of Islam.