The Role of Elected Scholars on Interfaith Harmony in Pakistan - A Research Study

  • Dr. Hafiz Ghulam Anwar Azhari HOD, Mohi Ud Din Islamic University, Azad Jammu & Kashmir
  • Zahoor Alam Ph.D. Scholar, Mohi Ud Din Islamic University, Azad Jammu & Kashmir
Keywords: Importance of unity, Muslim Religion, Scholars, sectarianism


Islam is a humanity based religion and unity plays of a vital role in it. It is not possible for a humane person to deny the importance of unity for a better society. It is the one thing that leads the nations of the world in the way of progress and prosperity. On the other hand chaos and anarchy is such a curse that makes a nation fall into the depths of disgrace. No enemy needs to fight such nation to defeat it. Their own internal conflicts and chaos is enough to dismantle them. Unfortunately this egoism and prejudice has reached its climax among the Muslims of Pakistan. We have failed ourselves in building a balanced progressive and welfare society based on two nation theory. Witnessing this situation many scholars from different schools of thoughts have tried their best towards the progress of inter-Muslim harmony and tolerance. In this regard they have highlighted the evil effects of chaos and positivity of unity. They have also brought forward such advises both in speech and written through which damage caused by sectarianism can be handled.