Research Analysis of Dr. Vid Parkash’s Opinion about Narashnis and the Last Prophet PBUH

  • Naseem Ullah Ph.D Scholar,Seerat Department, University of Peshawar
  • Dr. Zia Ullah Alazhari Ex, Chairman, Seerat Department, University of Peshawar
Keywords: Vid Parkash, Narashans, Wasi Iqbal, Urdu, Hindi


Dr. Vid Prakash book is a clear arguments for the fact that Islam is a true believer and the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, and it is equally useful for every two parties .The good news of the Prophet peace be upon him is also present in the first heavenly books, and the former Prophets also gave good news to their own Ommah. A part from this, the good news of the Prophet PBUH is also present in the holy book of Hindu. We do not have any status”. Narashans and the last messenger of Allah Peace Be Upon Him” in which he has accepted the last messenger of Muhammad peace be upon him with many arguments from the holy books of Hindu. The original book of the learned author is in Hindi. And Wasi Iqbal has written a translation in Urdu .The learned writer Dr. Vid Prakash has clearly stated his opinion about the  Narshanas, he writes that in Hindi it is used for the messenger of Allah peace be upon him , The learned writer writes that Narshanas means that the man is praised and Muhammad peace be upon him is praised