Jews Claim on Masjid Aqsa; Historical and Sharῑ’ah Perspective

  • Dr. Riaz Ahmad Saeed Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies, NUML, Islamabad
  • Dr. Syed Muhammad Shahid Tarmizi Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies, NUML, Islamabad
Keywords: Masjid Aqsa, ownership claims, Jews, Muslims, contemporary era, analysis


Palestine’s issue has been one of the most vibrant issues of the Muslim Ummah thou out the Islamic history.  It has contracted more attraction and reflection in contemporary era due to its sensitivity and global politics.  Masjid Aqsa is considered as a scared and blessed place for Muslims due to prophets’ birth and death places, and also station of Isrā and M’erāj (A sacred journey of the Holy Prophet ) from Makah to Aqsa and Aqsa to heaven with Allah’s meeting of the last Prophet (). Moreover, this place is equally significant for Muslims and Jews communities both for their religious claims and commitments. Jews made claim on Masjid Aqsa due to its historical and religious importance. Most interesting thing is that, where Masjid Aqsa is a blessed and sacred place as well as, it is a basic reason of conflict and dispute between Muslims and Jews since establishment of the State of Israel. Jews claim, here was temple of Suleiman (A.S) under the foundations of Masjid Aqsa and Muslims claim, it is blessed and sacred masjid which was first Qiblah of Muslims and Haram also. Historically and religiously it is right of Muslims and Jews are hurting the religious sentiments of the Muslim which is wrong and violations of the Muslims religious and human rights. This study is an effort to analyze the historical and religious arguments of Muslims and Jews about ownership of the Masjid Aqsa and presents a solution regarding Palestine issue in contemporary era. The analytical, historical and comparative approaches have been adopted in this research with qualitative approach.