Research and critical study of famous chains of ibn Abbas in Hadith relating to the interpretation of the Quran

  • Aziz Ahmad Lecturer, Department of Islamiyat, Malakand University, Lower Dir, KPK
  • Dr. Zia Ur Rehman Lecturer, Department of Islamiyat, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal
Keywords: Ibn Abbas, Chains of hadith, interpretation, Quran, Tafseer Ibn Abbas


Ibn Abbas has many Hadiths in Tafseer. Most of these not sahih and authentic۔There is a book of tafseer attributed to him from these hadith which is known as “Tanvir Ul miqbas  min tafseer e Inb Abbas”.It is Called “Tafsir Ibn Abbas”.in addition to this Tabri and Al talabi have also mentioned many hadiths from Ibn Abbas. But it is not certain that all the hadiths belong to Ibn Abbas as Imam Shafi said: “There is nothing more than a hundred authentic hadiths from Ibn Abbas in the Tafseer.” For this reason we need to recognize their becoming sahih, their weakness and their fabrication for separating some of the sahaih hadiths from these numerous hadiths. In this  research article the chains of those hadiths are investigated  and explained  their credibility.