Economic Professions of Women During the era of the Prophet hood

  • Dr. Sajeela Kausar Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, Islamia University Bahawalpur, Punjab
  • Shameem Akhtar M.Phil Scholar, Department of Islamic Studies, Islamia University Bahawalpur, Punjab
Keywords: Women, Era of the Prophet, Working women, Livelihood, Handicrafts, Gynecology, Business, Cultivation


Islam is a rational religion. It puts its instructions to its followers to secure their worldly as well as eternal life. Islamic orders regarding socio-economic and family life are basically based upon the construction of such a society which not only have a successful social and economic status, rather a strong, peaceful and value based family life as well. Islam balances this social set-up by putting the financial responsibility solely on male, and domestic on female. But, this principle is much flexible as per need and situation. If, needed, Islam not only allows women to participate in economic activities, rather properly determines their rights and creates ease for her in this regard.

Women have been participating in economic activities during the golden era of the Prophet (SAW).There are many examples and various fields in which women has performed her economic contribution. This paper will highlight some of the..