Ethical and moral virtues in the poetry of Pre- Islamic era- (The study of Zuhair bin abi Salma)

  • Muhammad Qasim Junaidi Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Arabic, Islamia College University, Peshawar
  • Irshad Ahmad Assistant Professor, Deptt of Arabic, Islamia collageUniversity Peshawar
Keywords: Zuhair, Islamic Values, Arabic Poetry, moral virtues


The pre- Islamic era is a term which is used in Arabic poetry as well as in Islamic history among the literati and historians. It is defined as the period of time before the rising and spreading of Islam in the desert of Arab. It is also called Ignorance era, because they were not only illiterate from Islamic laws and rules but also void souls from virtuous values. They buried their daughters alive, made erroneous notations and quarreled for centuries, eulogized bloodshed and wars etc.  Among them bore a great poet Zuhair bin abi Salma (520- 611) and tried to change their lives by his noble poetry. He praised Hiram bin Sanan, the popular person   and leader of his tribes by his famous eulogy for his good moral activates. He played a tremendous role for the pace of his tribe. This article is denoted the ethical and moral virtues in the poetry of Zuhair bin abi Salma in the pre- Islamic era. It is also describes the effort of Zuhair for the peace and morality of his tribe.